SaaS and Biztalk Server

A few days ago, at SaaSCon, I was discussing the importance of Integration in the SaaS consumption architecture.

I learned today that, Jesus, a BizTalk MVP, will be presenting at the Microsoft BPI&SOA conference some demos showing BizTalk Server interactions with and cool!. 

He plans to also cover the following:

  • Business Processes and SaaS challenges and benefits.
  • BizTalk Server and SaaS: SOAP, WSE and WCF adapters.
  • adapter for BizTalk Server
  • SQS adapter for BizTalk Server.
  • Business Rules and SaaS

I'm looking forward to going to his session and further discussing with him integration architecture patterns. I'll share on this blog the outcome of my learning/discussion.


BTW, if you are going to the conference, let me know, maybe we can meet there.