SaaS Architecture Guidance: coming soon to a theater near you!

It is no news that there is an increasing interest on Software as a Service (SaaS); some would even say that SaaS is a bit over hyped. Regardless of whether it is hyped or not, many ISVs and startups have started investing (or are about to invest) in a SaaS version of their traditionally “on premise” solutions.

As the leading platform vendor, we owe our partners a clear guidance on how to do it on our stack. This is where we come in. Within my team (the solutions architecture team, part of the architecture strategy team at Microsoft) we kicked off an initiative driving the creation of a series of whitepapers and code samples illustrating architectural best practices and patterns in designing, building, deploying and operating software delivered as a service.

Fred Chong an architect in my group is leading the effort and has the details here. This is a MUST READ if you are interested in SaaS.

SaaS is changing quite a few rules of the game, by providing architectural guidance we hope you will better understand and therefore rip the benefit of this new game.

Enjoy the ride, it will be a lot of fun.