Sometime working for Microsoft can be very hard...

View from my hotel room 10 minutes ago :))

yes, it is a view on copacabana towards ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro :) This country is amazing!!


What am I doing in Brazil you might ask, I have spent the week in Sao Paulo and Rio for the Brazilian Regional Architect Forum and met with fantastic partners, customers as well as some of the largest enterprises here.

Although there are some interesting local challenges (more details about this in a future post). SaaS interest is picking up. Both from a delivery perspective (ISVs) and a consumption perspective (enterprises), and several companies are having successful SaaS businesses already.


After China, India and Brazil, I suppose I need to go to Russia now so I complete my BRIC tour.

Any SaaS company reader from Russia?


Thanks to the local hosts of Microsoft Brazil and all the people I met, the conversations were very inspiring.


It will be hard to get back to rainy Seattle after 1 week here. But I hear yesterday it did not rain in Seattle (wow), so maybe the good season is starting.