Wanna talk SaaS?

On Thursday March 2, Fred and I will be animating a BoF (Birds of a Feather) on SaaS Architecture at the SaaS Summit in Napa Valley, abstract here:

Single instance, multi-tenancy – if this sounds like a lofty technical goal for the SaaS solution you are offering, you are not alone. This BoF is an informal peer-to-peer discussion among architects to share best practices and technical challenges in architecting software delivered as a service. We will be discussing and white boarding topics such as scaling out solutions, configuring and customizing per tenant business process and data model extensions, and managing tenant identities for access control.

If you want to talk SaaS Architecture, you might want to check out the SaaS Summit and our BoF.
See you there?!

For those you won't be able to make it, what topics would you have liked to discuss?