Viewing a portion of two months in the Entourage month view

I got this feature request for Entourage the other day:

Allow viewing a monthly calendar from a given week through the next 4 weeks - not forcing us to view the whole month of July when it is July 20th - instead seeing two weeks in July, and 2 weeks in August


This is actually something you can already do in Entourage 2004. Here's how:

The key first step is to expand the mini calendar picker. By default it only shows one month:


You can expand it by dragging the top or right hand border, thus getting the mini calendar picker to show more than one month. Now you can drag select the 5 week period you want to view:


Voilà, half of September and half of October:


Now, if you want to get really silly you can expand the mini calendar to mammoth proportions and view more than a year's worth of mini calendars. Not sure why you'd want to do this though: