Where did I go? Hotmail!

Just a quick post to explain the silence from this blog.

In late August I moved from the Entourage team to the Hotmail Front Door Program Management team. I really should have prepared this post before I made the move, but I was nusy wrapping up loose ends before I left, and since then I've been even busier learning about Hotmail.

I probably won't be posting much here for a while as I don't yet feel quite the same confidence about talking publicly about Hotmail as I did about Entourage (but feel free to ask me questions), and I’m no longer really in the loop about all things Entourage (but Dennis is).

If I get a few free moments, I will get around to a follow-up to "A Brief History of Microsoft's mail and Exchange clients on the Mac: Part I". Until then, if you are interested you can revisit some of Omar's older posts that will bring you closer to the present: Entourage: A journey to becoming an Office application and Entourage 2004.