Everyone loves IE9 and HTML5…even Google :-)

One of the aspects I enjoy more about my job is the opportunity to travel around the world and meet different audiences: developers, designers, devigners, enthusiasts, business managers, CIO, CTO, CSO…and the list can go and on for a while (reminder: list the most funny job titles in a separate post).

Everywhere I went recently, the feedback has been consistent: “I love IE9”! Smile

I still remember the HTML5 MeetUp in Auckland, back in September 2009, where I showed some of the new HTML5 features already available in Internet Explorer 8 and had an interesting conversation with Robert O’Callahan from Mozilla and his team about the complexity of adopting web standards and an unified video codec. The conversations about IE8 and the future of HTML5 continued in the following weeks in Europe , when I met the Edge User Group in London and the German community at the Tech Ed in Berlin.

Later during the year our President Steven Sinofsky shared at PDC for the first time our work in progress with Internet Explorer 9, showcasing the hardware accelerated HTML5 parser and the new JavaScript engine “Chakra”. I remember sitting in the audience and hearing people “happy-crying” for such an unexpected announcement.

The engineering team spent the winter checking-in lot of beautiful code into IE9, releasing the first IE9 Platform Preview to the public during the MIX conference, in March ‘10. New JavaScript engine, SVG inline support, partial support for several CSS3 modules…everything hardware accelerated. And for the first time a set of demos designed to show the new features and scenarios available with IE9. And that was just the beginning…

We quickly received very positive feedbacks, people started testing the Preview and submitting bugs. It’s when I presented at the Geek Meet with Robert Nyman in Sweden that I heard for the first time a feedback that is very popular these days:

“Please bring back IE9 to the MAC OS!”

Eheh, I wasn’t expecting to hear that to be honest – but it was great to see IE love among all these white machinesRed heart

At the beginning of May we shipped the Platform Preview #2, completing several of the SVG modules and adding support for CSS3 functionalities as well as increased performance. On the same day I was sitting next to Brendan, Douglas, Charles and Alex at the Web 2.0 Expo – in an…animated panel about the future of browsers in the next five years. The dear Dion kicked-off the panel asking me about the Canvas tag. Lol. Straight answer. The conversation quickly evolved to the future and the several opportunities and challenges that browser implementers (and eventually web developers) will need to face with the transition to HTML5. Moreover many people agreed on the fast-track progress of IE9 and how Microsoft is working close with the W3C Working Groups to move the specification forward.

Back to SF the week later, I met a large audience of Java developers at the HTML5 MeetUp in San Francisco. Next to my session, Brad Neuberg (Web Advocate from Google) did a nice presentation, showing a mix of W3C HTML5 and vendor-experimental features running in the browser. Everyone loved HTML5 on that day. Even my friend Brad, that very kindly shared a lovely feedback about IE9 with the audience. Thanks Brad! Winking smile

“I love what IE9 is doing with HTML5” (Brad Neuberg, Google Web Advocate)


Even if it is summer and it is still raining in Seattle, I’ve been really enjoying myself in the last months. It’s great to share our excitement about IE9 and see all of your (either positive or negative, as long as they are constructive) feedbacks around the globe. And the best thing is that we are not done yet! Nerd smile


What’s coming next?

Next week I will be back to my Italy, where I will have the pleasure to talk at the ReMIX keynote. Per voi fortunati italiani che verrete a Milano, aspettatevi di vederne delle belle! A presto!! Airplane