Internet Explorer 8 at MIX

IE8 is back! As we announced last week at MIX, Internet Explorer 8 RTW has been released. You can download it for Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows Server here:

If you missed the Lap Around IE8 session at MIX 09, you can watch it here:


As an high level summary of the session, we went through some of the new features of Internet Explorer 8:

  • IE8 is CSS 2.1 fully standards compliant and include features from CSS 3 and HTML 5 as well. This is a huge improvement over previous versions (and, as you can see in the session, we are succeed more CSS 2.1 tests than any other browser) and allows website to be more interoperable across different browsers. You can see the 7201 test cases we contributed to the W3C Community here.
  • IE8 has compatibility built-in features that allows you to run website designed for older browsers without compatibility issues, using the X-UA-Compatible meta tag.
  • IE8 is fast, is really fast. Check out the performance video to see with your eyes how IE8 compares to Firefox or Chrome. Or test IE8 on your machine :-)
  • IE8 include new user features, such as Web Slices, Accelerator and Visual Search that allow a better and faster navigation and experience over the web.
    • I will share soon on this blog the source code for the MSN Video Accelerator, the Twitter Web Slice, the Hulu Visual Search and many other…
  • IE8 include Developer Tools in-the-box, that allows you to debug, test, profile the CSS, HTML and JS code in any website.
  • IE8 is the most secure browser available today, with 18 new security features that prevents Malware, Click Jacking, …

Still at MIX, the IE team delivered other great sessions about Javascript Performance, Security, User Experience…check them out here:




I’m really excited for this release. I’m looking forward to receiving your feedbacks!


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