Tip: How to encode a video to H.264 (MP4) or VP8 (Webm)

I don’t know what language you talk today, but if you are looking for a simple and free tool to convert videos to H.264 (.mp4) or VP8 (.webm), here’s a quick tip.

  • Install VLC Media Player
  • On the menu, click “Media->Convert/Save”
  • Under the “File Selection” panel, add your video
  • At the bottom, pick “Convert” (or press Alt+C)
  • Choose a destination (you will need to specify the extension, for instance test.mp4)
  • Under profile, select “Video – H.264 + AAC (MP4)” (default option) or “Video – VP8 + Vorbis (Webm)”. Other options are available.
  • Click “Start” and you are done!


Find more info about the <video> tag on my previous post.