What is “HTML5”?

A short answer could be “the future of the Web”. Enough? No, especially if you are a developer. Ninja

I answered more in detail this question at PDC  (links below). Here’s just one slide, where I tried to summarize what’s behind the “HTML5” term.


HTML5 is not only a marketing message, but also the bread that the developers will use for years and years. It is a critical component and as such, it’s very important to make it right. In the session I explained what “right” means for Microsoft and W3C and how we are working to move these specifications forward. Enjoy!

View session: watch the recording online

Download slides: “HTML5”: More Than Just HTML5

Btw, what do you think about HTML5? Are you ready to HTML5-fy your site? Occhiolino

Update 2:04pm: as Chris noted in the comments, David released their CSS 2.1 Report here. However, for some obscure reason (that I still ignore) that report is still not appearing on the designated directory which is here.


This is a great news – as it is another step forward for CSS 2.1. On top of this, Opera released their report as well a few hours ago.  If my counts are correct, here’s the pass rate so far:

Browser Pass Rate
IE9 Beta 97.4%
Firefox 4.0b6 93.83%
Opera 10.70 build9067 89.2%
Safari 5.0.2 85.6%

I can’t find Chrome’s report – anyone have seen it? Secchione