Error: TF14908: Access Denied: User DOMAINUserName needs ManageBranch permission(s) for $/ParentBranch.

You are using TFS 2010 and have a complex branching hierarchy with parent child relationships. You also went ahead and restricted permissions on parent branch and gave the branch related permissions ONLY to the developers working on their branches.

Now one of the developers want to change some of the branch properties such as say: Changing the description of the branch. When he does so, he gets the following error.

Error: TF14908: Access Denied: User DOMAIN\UserName needs ManageBranch permission(s) for $/ParentBranch

Now you would be wondering why operations on Child branch needing user to have permissions on Parent branch, when in fact they should not have this requirement.

Well this is a known issue/bug in TFS 2010. While this has been logged as a bug, one of the workarounds is the following:

Temporarily grant permissions to the user in question “ManageBranch” permissions on the parent, then let the user perform the operations and then revoke the permissions. Usually such branch activities are not a daily affair and so you could go on with your work by adopting this workaround.

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