Why IT guys are thrilled and geeks freak out? - a massive TSUNAMI in form of Windows Server 8 arrives

One word - Hyper-V and all its awesome capabilities that are getting UNLEASHED with Windows Server 8. This is perhaps the first release of a Cloud enabled OS of any sort or type by any vendor.

While it is very significant to enterprise IT, here is how geeks will harness it. You would end up runing either the Windows 8 Server or Client version and both have built in Hyper-V and you can play to your hearts content all of the various OS configurations and applications you always desired to have at the click of a button. Not only that, it is also going to change for better, the way you are going to backup and restore your OS images on your workstations - simple Refresh and Reset options are provided to get back to pristine states.

There are a lot of ground breaking features in Windows Server 8, which comes built in with Hyper-V capability. Instead of me describing the features, here is an article from ZDNET (link below) - You can read it for yourself.




A few quotes are relevant in this article:


Quote 1:

Server 8 will unleash a massive tsunami of new features specifically
targeted at building and managing infrastructure for large multi-tenant Clouds,
drastically increased scalability and reliability features in the areas of
Virtualization, Networking, Clustering and Storage, as well as significant
security improvements and enhancements.”

Quote 2:

“As to be expected of a Cloud-optimized Windows Server release, many enhancements
are going to come in the form of improvements to Hyper-V. And boy are they big ones.

For starters, Hyper-V will now support up to 32 processors and 512GB of RAM per
. In order to accomodate larger virtual disks, a new virtual file
format, .VHDX, will be introduced and will allow for virtual disk files greater
than 2 terabytes.

Not impressed? How about 63-node Hyper-V clusters that can run up to 4000 concurrent VMs simultaneously? No, I’m not joking. They actually showed
it to us, for real, and it was working flawlessly.

Live Migration in Hyper-V has also been greatly enhanced — to the point where clustered storage isn’t even required to do a VM migration anymore.

Microsoft demonstrated the ability to literally “beam” — a la Star Trek — a virtual machine between two Hyper-V hosts with only an IP connection.”

…and there’s a lot more. Read the article.

 Now not only this there are other articles which are full of praise for Hyper-V, such as the one below.


Windows 8 is expected to unleash a significant changes in how corporations of all sizes envision their IT infrastructure.