Technical Decision Maker (TDM) deck for Dynamics CRM

TL;DR version: Dynamics CRM ‘TDM’ presentation deck is now available for download here: It is a must have resource for all sellers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


TDM deck is a popular Microsoft lingo for a technical presentation deck that is used by the sales folks in the field. It is content that gets used when you’re presenting to technical folks at a prospect looking to buy CRM. A technical decision maker (TDM or ITDM) could be someone like a CTO, CIO, CIO Board Member, Enterprise Architect, Solutions Architect, IT Manager or other similar roles within the prospect organization.

However in real-life, you’re not going to be just presenting to a room full of TDMs alone. Of course there’ll be non-technical decision makers, also known as Business Decision Makers (BDM in Microsoft lingo), in the room along with TDMs. So use this deck in conjunction with the Dynamics CRM BDM deck when presenting to prospects.

Dynamics CRM TDM deck is an all-encompassing presentation providing a technical overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Further sections within the deck drill into specific topics that contain detailed technical information needed for influencing the technical audience. However the current version of the deck is just a beginning and we’ll strive to include new topics and keep it update to date with latest Dynamics CRM features. Upcoming sections of the deck include User Experience, Extensibility, Security and much more. Below is a sampling of some of the slides you’ll find within this presentation deck.

Updated 18th March 2013: New section includes presentation slides with speaker notes on the multi-instance capabilities of CRM Online.


Finally, this deck has been made possible by a number of folks both inside and outside of Microsoft. I’m not going to name them all as the list is pretty long but you know who you are and we sincerely thank you.

Happy selling!

imageFrequently asked questions:

Q: Why was the TDM deck not posted publicly on SlideShare or Skydrive?
A: Some of the content within the deck are not suitable for public posting due to legal limitations, hence we’re posting this to PartnerSource wherein all Microsoft Dynamics partners can easily access it.

Q: Can I share this TDM deck on SlideShare or any other publicly downloadable location?
A: No

Q: Can I share this with my prospects and customer?
A: Yes, but please exercise caution when sharing. Your prospect may not want to sift through hundreds of slides, so only share slides that you feel are appropriate, preferably in PDF format.