IIS Media Services 4 Integrated Media Platform, Streaming for PC, Windows Phone and iPhone™ / iPad™ with a Single Platform : A good example from Mediaset RTI New Media

One of the missions of IIS Media Services  4.0 (IIS MS) is to offer an Integrated Media Platform that allows users to use a single encoder and a single backend to serve video content live and on-demand to a large numbers of client devices spanning from PC , MAC, Windows Phone 7 and iPhoneTM\iPadTM .

A good example of this capability, currently available in Italy, is from RTI New Media - Mediaset. Mediaset is one of the top broadcasters in Italy and RTI New Media inside Mediaset Group is responsible for their web video platform and in particular for video.mediaset.it web site. Video.mediaset.it publishes free live and on demand video content supported by an advertising model from main Mediaset TV channels. In addition, on the same web site RTI new media publishes daily all of the video news content for the TGCOM web site and for SportMediaset web site that are top tier web sites in Italy in terms of importance and number of visitors. Below is an image from the Mediaset web site :



Content from the http://video.mediaset.it  and  http://www.tgcom.mediaset.it/  web site is available on PC and Mac and for news content videos are available also on Windows Phone 7 and iPhoneTM / iPadTM devices with a downloadable application. Below is an image from the Windows Phone 7 application:

The video platform in use on this Web Site is based on the IIS Media Services platform which permits the delivery of  adaptive HTTP streaming and progressive download . Key features of the service include:

  •  SnackTV content that delivers free short videos from main Mediaset TV channels and leverages .mp4 and .fv4 content, delivered via IIS Media Services progressive download and Bit Rate Throttling capability in IIS Media Services.
  • Full episode area (puntate intere) that deliver content from TV shows, fictions, etc. from the main Mediaset TV channels, that leverage IIS Media Services and IIS Smooth Streaming and Silverlight for deliver of high quality content with the best experience for customers. Some content is also securely delivered using Microsoft Playready DRM for content protection.
  • Moto GP and Sport that also leverage IIS Smooth Streaming , Silverlight and Microsoft Playready DRM for secure delivery of premium content.
  • News videos live and on demand that also leverages IIS Media Services and IIS Smooth Streaming and Windows Media Services.

As I described before, some video content in particular from the news area are also available on Windows Phone 7 and Apple Devices. For delivery of  this type of content on mobile devices, RTI New Media uses IIS Media Services features . On Windows Phone 7 the application is built using the IIS Smooth Streaming Client and Silverlight.  This  combinationgives the phone the ability to stream live and on-demand adaptive HTTP content in the IIS Smooth Streaming format On Apple Devices, RTI leverage IIS Media Services new capabilities to deliver Apple HTTP live streaming format for both live and on-demand.

The content was encoded in Smooth Streaming format using the H.264 video codec and AAC audio, and was transmuxed (repackaged from one file format to another without re-encoding) to Apple HTTP live streaming format using the  IIS Transform Manager (currently in Beta) , leveraging a single encoding and delivery platform.

IIS Transform Manager (IIS TM)  is a new component of the next version of the IIS Media Services platform and provides not only  Iphone/Ipad support but also a simple integrated video encoding/encrypting and batch conversion and transformation of video files. IIS Transform Manager integrates directly with Expression Encoder 4 to allow you to use "watch folders" to queue up multiple encode jobs on your server and deliver them directly to IIS Media Services 4.0 Web folders as IIS Smooth Streaming presentations. Transform Manager offer also an SDK that permits developers to write custom Task plug-ins that can be used with Transform Manager to support custom actions, third-party encoders, or your own custom workflows. Transform Manager comes with a specific task that RTI New Media leverage to convert IIS Smooth Streaming presentations directly into MPEG-2 Transport Streams in the Apple HTTP live streaming format for delivering content to Apple devices and publish it with IIS Media Services 4.0.

The video platform on video.mediaset.it also benefits from the use of IIS Application Request Routing ( IIS ARR) in order to implement a flexible and scalable HTTP edge server infrastructure. Edge caching in the HTTP delivery infrastructure provides a level of caching able to amplify content delivery capability on video.mediaset.it with the right and flexible scalability.  

Below you can see a high level picture of the video delivery architecture:


The services delivered on video.mediaset.it from RTI new media are a great example of the integrated media platform capabilities of IIS Media Services and shows how quick it is to implement a robust and interoperable solution that simplifies the delivery of video content for both live and on-demand to a large numbers of different client devices on a single platform. 

If you are looking for more details  about the latest support for iPhone\iPad in IIS Media Services and  IIS Transform Manager you can reference this online tutorial, "Encode and Deliver On-Demand Smooth Streams with IIS Transform Manager and IIS Media Services 4"  and for details on Live Streaming, read this tutorial on Live Streaming for iPhone/iPad with IIS MS 4.0.

To download the latest release of the IIS Media Services platform and learn more, visit http://iis.net/media and stay tuned for the Beta of IIS TM that coming soon in march\april timeframe !!!