IIS Media Services 4: Integrated Media Platform, Streaming for PC, Windows Phone , TV and iPhone™ / iPad™ with a Single Platform

After my post  Rainet and FIFA World Cup I received questions about support in IISMS4 (IIS Media Services 4)   for iPhone™\iPad™.

One of the mission of IISMS is offering an Integrated Media Platform that give to users possibility to use a single encoder and a single backend that could permit to serve videos to a large numbers of different device spanning from PC , MAC, Windows Phone 7, STB , Connected TV and also iPhone™\iPad™ .

IIS Media Services 4 currently in Beta ( public beta is available here 32-bit or 64-bit) and one of the new features offered from this platform is about support Http Streaming for Apple devices for live and on-demand streaming.

UPDATED: IIS Media Services 4.0 was realeased

Live Streaming is supported in IISMS 4 leveraging a new capability in the platform able to trans-mux (repackage from one file format to another without re-encoding) in different format starting with the H.264 video content received from encoders in the fragmented MP4 format used for Smooth Streaming. IISMS4 is able to trans-mux on the fly to the Apple HTTP Live Adaptive Streaming (m3u8) format compatible with iPhone and iPad . Content in the fragmented MP4 is repackaged in a MPEG2TS files and IISMS4 generate the correct manifest that could permit to drive streaming to Apple devices.

In order to deliver Live Streaming, you could activate this feature in IISMS4 Beta 1 , using a specific TAB dedicated for this in a live publishing point configuration:


 As you can see on the new Mobile Devices tab in the Publishing Point configuration, in addition to the classic Live Smooth Streaming configuration, allowing you to select Enable output to Apple mobile digital devices. This setting configures the publishing point to allow transmuxing of incoming Smooth Streaming fragments to MPEG-2 TS files on the server and permit to serve, classic Smooth Streaming enabled client and Apple Device starting from a single encoder and a single streaming infrastructure. You can set Segment length to sets the size of the MPEG-2 TS "chunks" that are delivered to the device,default 10 secs, lowering this value will decrease the amount of buffering latency on the client. The Apple-recommended setting is 10 seconds and you should not set this lower than 2 seconds.
Another settings on the Tab set the Maximum bit rate to the value of the highest bit rate stream for which you want to enable MPEG-2 TS conversion. The default is set to 1600 kilobits-per-second, which is the maximum recommended bit rate for delivery to Apple iPhone® and Apple iPad™. Lowering this value reduces the number of streams that are transmuxed to MPEG-2 TS. With this configuration you can prevents the highest bit rates from being transmuxed on the server and delivered to client.

The following video and audio formats are supported by the Apple HTTP Live Streaming feature in IIS MS 4.0 Beta 1:

  • Video. H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3.0 (iPhone®/iPod®/iPod touch®), Main Profile Level 3.1 (iPad™)
  • Audio. AAC-LC up to 48 kHz, stereo audio.

You could try IIS Media Services 4.0 Live Streaming for Smooth Streaming device and Iphone/Ipad   using Expression Encoder 4 Pro and  this tutorial .

 For an introduction to Live Smooth Streaming with EE4, check out Sam Wookey's blog post and walkthrough.

UPDATED: The final Released version of IIS Media Services in addition for iPhone and iPad support offers:

•Live DVR – Pause, Rewind, Seek
•Archiving – saves the live content for DVR use or later on-demand playback
•Archive Segmentation – breaks a long broadcast archive into shorter clips for storage purposes
•AES Encryption – keeps your content safe while streaming
•B-frame support – provides better picture quality
•Compatibility mode for iOS3 devices

IISMS 4 supports on demand streaming for iPhone and iPad too, starting from Smooth Streaming files, leveraging IIS Transform Manager and supporting the same video and audio formats described for Live Streaming.

Transform Manager, part of the upcoming IIS Media Services 4.0, is not only for Iphone/Ipad support but provides simple integrated video encoding/encrypting and batch conversion and transformation of video files platform. Transform Manager integrates directly with Expression Encoder 4 to allow you to use "watch folders" to queue up multiple encode jobs on your server and deliver them directly to IIS Media Services 4.0 Web folders as IIS Smooth Streaming presentations. Transform Manager offer also an SDK , that permit to write custom own plug-in Tasks that can be used with Transform Manager to support custom actions, third-party encoders, or your own encoding applications.



 Transform Manager comes  with a specific task that can be used to convert your IIS Smooth Streaming presentations directly into MPEG-2 Transport Streams and .m3u8 manifests for delivering content to Apple devices. Leveraging Transform Manager you can encode only once time a videos in IIS Smooth Streaming format with video H.264 with audio video\profile described beforeand  using the specific Transform Manager Tasks to trans-mux (repackage from one file format to another without re-encoding) video files to the Apple HTTP  Adaptive Streaming (m3u8) format compatible with Apple devices, before to publish it to IIS MS 4.0  Web folders. IIS MS 4.0 leverages the original and transformed files and can stream video on demand in Smooth Streaming and Apple HTTP Adaptive Streaming.

You could try IIS Transform Manager and IIS Media Services 4.0 Iphone/Ipad support for on demand streaming using this tutorial Encode and Deliver On-Demand Smooth Streams with IIS Transform Manager and IIS Media Services 4 .

Announced for next versions of IIS Media Services others interesting features like: Multicast Support, no-cost PlayReady DRM integration, AES encryption and DVR features for Apple devices and others that you could read on this post from Chris Knowlton and this post from John Deutscher

UPDATED: IIS Media Services 4.0 was realeased