Feed of Windows Azure Pack Gallery Resources and SCVMM Service Templates is now LIVE

The feed of Windows Azure Pack Gallery Resources and SCVMM Service Templates is now LIVE at:


The initial set of service models are:

  • Gallery Resources
    • o Windows Server 2012
    • o Windows Server 2012 R2
    • o Windows Server 2012 WebServer (IIS)
  • SCVMM Service Templates
    • o Sharepoint 2013
    • o Service Template Example Kit

You can enable this feed and download your first service model in just a few easy steps (and the first 2 steps are one-time overhead).

  1. Install the Microsoft Web Platform Installer from here: http://www.microsoft.com/web/downloads/platform.aspx
  2. Add the Service Model Feed as a custom feed
  3. Launch the Web Platform Installer
  4. Select the Options link at the bottom right, next to the Install button
  5. Enter the Feed URL into the Custom Feeds field  http://www.microsoft.com/web/webpi/partners/servicemodels.xml
  6. Select the Add feed button
  7. Select the OK button
  8. You will now see a new Service Modelslink at the upper right of the Web Platform Installer UI
    1. Select the Service Model you want to download
  9. Select the Service Models link at the top of the Web Platform Installer UI
  10. Select the Add button next to whichever Service Model you would like to download
  11. Select the Installbutton
    1. Accept the usage terms
  12. Select the I Accept button
  13. Select the Continue button
  14. Select the Finish button
  15. A Windows Explorer window will open, displaying the contents of the Service Model.  Service Models are extracted into your %SystemDrive% folder, according to type
    1. Gallery Resources - %SystemDrive%\GalleryResources\<resourcename>
    2. SCVMM Service Templates - %SystemDrive\SCVMM Service Templates\<resourcename>
    3. Follow the directions in the Service Model readme to load the model and prepare any dependent resources (VHDs, etc) for deployment.