Must have (User Experience Virtualization) Deployment and Management Resources!

It was no coincidence that the inaugural release of Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) directly coincided with the release of APP-V 5.0 For most modern enterprise user scenarios (BYOD, flexible workspace, mobile computing, etc.) the need to have portable applications that roam user settings across application delivery formats is an essential ask from customers. UE-V also allows more granularity to users and administrators allowing key applications to roam settings without the bloat and overhead of roaming user profiles (yes, I said it.)

As I have been doing with APP-V 5.0 and Office 2013, I am continuing on my theme of aggregating essential content for deploying key elements of newest Windows client solutions. I have compiled this list of essential UE-V resources and like the others, I will update this as additional key content becomes available.


White Papers:

UE-V deployment Guide:

UE-V Cmdlet Resources

Technet Resources:

Technet Online Administrative Guidance:

UE-V Technet Main Page:

UE-V Technet Forum:

Technet Lab: UE-V Deployment


UE-V Template Resources:

UE-V Community Template Gallery


UE-V TechNet Wiki Articles:

UE-V and SkyDrive Integration Not Supported

How to repair an unsuccessful UE-V Uninstall

UE-V and High Availability

UE-V File Versions

How to Verify a Successful UE-V Installation

Technet Videos:

UE-V Overview:

UE-V Deployment and Setup:

Group Policy Management of UE-V:

Deploying the UE-V Agent with Config Manager

Deploying the UE-V Agent with MDT


KB Articles:

UE-V Template Verification Steps and Best Practices

UE-V Registry Settings

How to repair a corrupted UE-V install

Microsoft Office Support in Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V)

How to troubleshoot UE-V replication issues

UE-V settings replicated by Internet Explorer

UE-V Registry Settings

UE-V Template Verification Steps and Best Practices

UE-V Agent installation fails with error: The Offline Files service is not running

UE-V does not update the theme on RDS or VDI sessions


Add-on Downloads:

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Administrative Templates

System Center 2012 Configuration Pack for Microsoft User Experience Virtualization 2.0