Some issues with the MED-V V2 Toolkit and how to Remediate them

I wanted to address some issues that have been seen with the MED-V Toolkit. These are minor/cosmetic issues and can easily be remediated.

MED-V Toolkit Freezing

There is a known issue where the MED-V Administration toolkit freezes when attempting to change the logging level while MED-V first time setup is in progress. This is caused by the MED-V workspace needing to be completely setup before changing the logging levels using the Administration toolkit.  If this happens before FTS completes, allow the MED-V first time setup to complete before changing the MED-V logging levels using the toolkit. If more verbose logging is needed during first time setup for troubleshooting use the registry to set the Event Log Level

  • Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Medv\v2\Diagnostics
  • Data Type: DWORD
  • Value: EventLogLevel

Levels include the following: 0 (None), 1 (Error), 2 (Warning), 3 (Information), 4 (Debug). Default setting is 3.

Wrong icon appears for the MED-V Toolkit

There are cases where the MED-V Administration toolkit will display the wrong icon in the taskbar. Instead of the correct icon, it is the icon of another MED-V application. This happens when MED-V is configured to use Normal Start and an application is used to start MED-V. Whatever application is used to start MED-V is the application ICON that will be shown for the MED-V toolkit or other MED-V related UI.  This is a known product code issue. If this happens, here are some remediation steps to try to alleviate the issue.

1. Change the startup type of MED-V to the default fast start
2. Change the user settings for the taskbar properties to Never combine. Do the following:
3. Right-click the taskbar and then click Properties.
4. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box, click the Taskbar tab.
5. In the drop-down bar for the Taskbar buttons box, select Never combine.
6. Click OK.