A couple of ASP.NET controls for CardSpace

During the webcast series I did over the past few weeks, I showed a demo of a lab that covers Windows CardSpace.

In that lab, we spend some time examining the object tag, form variable, javascript and buttons that trigger the CardSpace identity selector in the browser. While these pure HTML constructs are part of what makes the Identity Metasystem so open, they can be a bit cumbersome to deal with. Especially when you consider that emitting and managing HTML is what dynamic server technologies like ASP.NET are for.

In the last part of the lab we show one example of a server control that does just that. You can actually get the source code for that CardSpace server control by launching the lab and copying it out. Also, I found a few more out on the Web that you might want to consider, like this one by Dominick Baier and this one on the netfx3.com site.