Great Silverlight announcements at the MIX Keynote

As expected, there were a lot of great announcements regarding Silverlight 2 during yesterday's keynote at MIX 08. I was very impressed with the number of actual demos. Really sexy demos. I mean, just when I think I've seen the capabilities of lighting up pixels pushed to its limit, along comes something like the Hard Rock Cafe memorabilia viewer, incorporating Seadragon.

I really think that Silverlight is going to take off like crazy this year. People are just going to be so freed by how sophisticated the designs can be AND how powerful the programming model is. Add to that all the back end infrastructure like media streaming and it's an amazing setup!

You can watch a recording of the keynote. It's over two hours though, so be warned you'll be glued to your screen for a while! :)

To get started, read the last few posts by local Atlanta Silverlight guru Shawn Wildermuth. Also, Bradley Bartz has a nice detailed list of steps and gotchas for getting your machine set up to create Silverlight solutions.

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