New Windows 8 app meetup starting in Atlanta

If you are in the Atlanta area and want to get started (or have already started) building Windows 8 apps, this meetup is for you!

The organizers are taking a fresh approach to technical meetups. In addition to presentations, there will be a lot of peer sharing, networking, collaboration, support, contests, social events, and more.

Another spin on the group is the audience. In addition to people who architect and code Windows Store apps, we want to attract a lot of designers to the group. Many times experienced coders have a great idea for a Windows Store app, but no good design skills. So we hope to foster a community of Windows app designers, too.

At one point, there were no good web designers. Nowadays, web design is quite a widespread skill.  I’m hoping that there are designers in the Atlanta area who want to take on the challenge of becoming well known for modern Microsoft design with Windows 8 apps, either through blogging and publications and samples, or on a consulting basis. Lots of money to be made in both!

If you have it in you to be on the cutting edge of design, this group is a great place to do it.

So join and tell your friends! The first meeting will be a doozy, it will be a recap of Microsoft’s upcoming BUILD conference.