No MSDN Event this quarter in Charlotte - but would you come to an "unofficial" one?

The current quarter of MSDN Events content is off and running - but, due to the large number of events we did last quarter around the launch of Vista and Office 2007, the number of cities is much lower than a typical quarter. So this Spring we will only have official MSDN Events in Raleigh on May 24th and Atlanta on June 19. Sign up for one of those and come see our compelling sessions on Windows CardSpace, the Microsoft AJAX Library (client-side) and best practices for building AJAX applications.

I say "official" above because these events are marketed nationally, booked in those movie theaters we all know and love, and require the support of A/V staff, etc. But really, all we need for an MSDN Event is my smiling face, a projector, some good giveaways, and attendees. So I'm trying to find a way to bring all that together outside of our official MSDN Event engine. In the southeast, the city most likely to get an informal MSDN Event would be Charlotte, since we can hold the event at the Microsoft facility there.

My question to you, blog reader, is would you come out to an unofficial MSDN Event (the tentative date is Thursday, June 21)? You'd get 4 hours of great demos, a resource DVD and we'll probably have some good giveaways like Office 2007 & Vista  Please let me know through an email or a comment to this post.

This would also be a TechNet event in the morning, so please share this blog entry with your IT Pro friends and get them to chime in as well!

Finally, if you are in another city that we usually come to, let me know if you might be interested in drumming up a sponsor or two to pick up the cost of a venue, we might be able to get out there there for an unofficial MSDN and/or TechNet event.