Windows 8 Consumer Preview available today!

Today, the Windows family at Microsoft took a huge leap forward (pun intended).

The consumer preview for Windows 8 is now available, and it’s one of the easiest installs of an update I’ve ever encountered. In fact, I was surprised to find out that I could actually update from last year’s developer preview directly, instead of having wipe my machine.

Lots of great information about this release is available on various product team blogs, like the Windows Experience team blog.

Check out some of the reviews. Engadget has some Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview detailed impressions, and cnet has a nice writeup.

What’s particularly exciting for developers is how well the Metro style interface scales. Check out Microsoft Windows 8 on 82-inch touchscreen hands-on (video)

Download it today from and get started building Metro apps!

Don't forget that this consumer preview does not include the developer tools. For that, head over to from your Windows 8 installation and grab it.