Windows 8 Wednesdays in Atlanta starting this week

Hopefully by now everyone has seen that the Windows Store is accepting app submissions from every developer. This is another huge step on the road to general availability of Windows 8 to all of our customers. I want every developer to be successful with his or her apps, so I’m trying a new way to help developers out with what I’m calling Windows 8 Wednesdays.


Windows 8 Wednesdays will give you the opportunity to sit down with either me or my colleague Tara Walker and get specific help with developing your Windows 8 apps. Whether you’re just starting out, thinking of porting an app from another platform, looking for advice on how to incorporate Windows 8 features like Live Tiles, Sharing and Search, or running into challenges with specific areas of development, we’ll be here to help.

If you live on the north side, come on over to the Microsoft office in Alpharetta anytime between 10 AM and 2. Double check my Twitter feed to make sure I haven’t been called away to something else.

For those of you not on the north side of Atlanta, fear not! Tara is working on establishing the same Windows 8 Wednesday “office hours” in conjunction with an excellent co-working facility in Atlanta – Strongbox West. Check Tara’s blog for information.

See you on September 26!