Windows Vista has a dizzying array of new features for developers - and I got dizzy!

Well, it looks like the stress of presenting at 8 launch events in a month and a half finally jumped up and bit me. The other day at my event in the lovely Waldorf=Astoria hotel in NYC I was about halfway through my presentation when I got a bit dizzy. You know, the feeling when you've stood up too fast or you whip your head around to look at something. I was trying to talk through it, figuring it would clear up. But it didn't. So then I remembered times when I've seen speakers (mostly on America's Funniest Home Videos) crash to the ground. So I told the audience I needed to sit for a minute. I wasn't sure sitting would be enough so then I told them I needed to lay down for a minute. I asked someone in the audience to get someone, meaning one of the A/V techs, or a co-worker, to tell the audience I needed a break. Instead all these kind people came rushing up, and apparently someone dialed 911 as well. After a minute I sat up and then I walked slowly to the break room (amid applause like I was an NFL star). After the EMTs showed up (complete with gurney) and saw me they were relieved, my pulse and blood pressure were fine. Apparently who ever called told the dispatch operator I was unconscious. Wild.

Anyway, after some juice and cookies (like second grade) I was able to finish up the show while sitting on a barstool just in case. I warned the audience that usually when I sit on a barstool for 2 hours I'm also on the ground, but for a different reason. ;)

So thanks to the audience for caring and laughing at my jokes for the rest of the session!

Of course, I couldn't be the only exciting story of the day. My colleague Russ Fustino one-upped me by experiencing a gas explosion at his event in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Finally, for your enjoyment, here are some pictures of the venue (none of me on the floor, thankfully!)