WorldMaps now on my blog

My coworker Brian has written a really slick app called WorldMaps that that plots where visitors to a website hail from. After much procrastination, I'm proud to say I've implemented it on not only my site but also our geekSpeak blog as well. If you visit either geekSpeak or my blog, you'll see a thumbnail to the left. Here's a picture of the latest map:

I had a good laugh while I was incorporating WorldMaps into my site. One of the pieces of information it displays is the location of the site owner, which is entered into the WorldMaps control panel as latitude/longitude.  I was working out of my home office the day I set up my WorldMaps account, so I just turned on the GPS in my Blackjack II and used a little GPS diagnostics tool to get my latitude/longitude. When I plugged in those numbers and visited the worldmap, I saw that the pin representing the site owner was right in my house:


What made me laugh was when I zoomed in on my house:


The pin is actually in the roof of my house right over where my desk is in my home office. I guess I shouldn't be so amazed at the precision of GPS but it's also interesting to note the precision of Virtual Earth. :)

In any case, it's interesting to see where my readership is from, and I look forward to the map continuing to accumulate pushpins.