How fast is this thing, really?!

Microsoft entered the HPC market a couple of years ago with a value proposition based on ease of integration, use and management. The comment we received most often sounded more or less like this: "This is all well and good, but how fast is this thing, really?". Well, here are a couple of impressive answers:

1. The NCSA cluster, running Windows HPC Server 2008 CTP on 1184 nodes (9472 cores), achieved 64.48 TFlops and 77.7% efficiency. This places it at n. 23 of the June 08 Top500 list.

2. The Aachen cluster, running the same build on 262 nodes, achieved 18.81 TFlops and 76.5% efficiency, which places it at n. 100 of that list.

Happy now? ;-) If you want to read more about the details, have a look at

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