Upgrading from an evaluation version

I have received a few questions about upgrades from the evaluation version that you can download from microsoft.com/hpc to a full version.

The good news is that the evaluation version is fully functional, so you won't need a complete re-installation. The only thing you need to do is obtain a full licence key, then:

- To upgrade the hpc pack tools you have to run “upgrade.exe” on the head node. The hpc pack CD contains the upgrade.exe file.

- To upgrade the o/s, you have to obtain a full licence key for all the nodes, then run slmgr.vbs –ipk <new licence> across the cluster. You can do that from the command line (clusrun /all) or via the GUI.

You can also use slmgr.vbs to extend the evaluation period by another 60 days. When you are approaching the end of the evaluation, simply run slmgr.vbs -rearm across the cluster. Note that the evaluation does not require activation, but a full licence does.

Please see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948472 for more information.