Integrating with Windows 8 Charms & Contracts

Windows 8 Charms

I recently entered the intriguing world of Metro Application development. I finished coding a basic images app, which uses Bing Image Search API to search images based on the Search criterion specified.


One of the very first things I did before writing the App is, I took the time to read the UX design guidelines documented at The guidelines suggest the “Use of charms and app contracts to enable common app commands and avoiding duplicating app contract functionality with in the app’s canvas or in the app bar”.

Following are the available Windows charms

  1. Settings Charm – App settings.
  2. Share Contract – Share contents of the apps.
  3. Search – Search app content.
  4. Devices Charm – Connect with devices like printers and other media devices.

This series documents my efforts to integrate my app with the Windows 8 charms.

  1. Integrating with Windows 8 settings charm at