Go Live Partners Series: Wealth Habit, Inc.

Angel-funded startup and Bizspark member Wealth Habit (https://wealthhabit.com/) is a Cloud Services company located in Portland, Oregon. Led by CEO James Werner, and CTO Brian Gambs, Wealth Habit provides enterprise-level B2B financial services. It adds value by reducing or removing financial stress on employees by providing up to the minute feedback on purchasing and savings decisions - either via a web browser or on the user's mobile phone. Based on the latest research in behavioral economics, their products help to reduce employee financial distress by clearly framing the spending and savings decisions of users. 

Wealth Habit chose Windows Azure as their deployment platform because the costs are very low and the platform adds value over and above simply providing compute and storage capabilities.

For example, their SQL Azure database just runs, without any intervention on their part due to the massively scaled infrastructure of the Windows Azure cloud. While periodic backups are always recommended, failures due to hardware fault are all but unheard of due to replication-in-triplicate built in at a very low level to the Azure storage services.

In addition, their compute infrastructure is based on Azure web and worker roles. Because of this, they never have to be concerned with downtime or labor intensive patching, no matter how big their user base gets because Windows Azure automatically performs guest OS upgrades on their behalf. And, as their user base grows, their compute infrastructure will scale seamlessly, both up and down, to meet current user resource requirements.

Wealth Habit is a great example of the benefits that can accrue to folks that embrace the cloud.