What do I use HealthVault for?

Over the years, HealthVault is becoming increasingly useful for me. It is becoming a part of my daily life. What do I use it for? 

a) tracking your health indicator, for example weight. Where did I put my weight on that sheet of yellow paper half year ago? Was I weight 75 kg or 175 pound last time? This kind of question keeps coming to my mind. Then I find out, HealthVault is actually quite good at that. Login HealthVault, click add weight. Six month later, when you want to know your weight change, just login HealthVault. This is applicable to blood pressure as well. 

b) check my healthcare cost. During tax time, it can be quite a bit calculation on the healthcare cost of the past year. HealthVault can help you. Premera can dump your explanation of benefits to HealthVault. At the tax time, you can just display the EOB (explanation of benefits) of the last year. 

c) store my medical imaging. Of course, I upload all of my CT scan to HealthVault account using HealthVault Connection Center. :D 

I think it will be more useful when clinics start to connect to it.