Why does Windows Azure based cloud computing matter?

There are tens if not hundreds of cloud computing companies running their ads at odd places ranging from facebook to airport. You may ask, why does cloud computing matter? Cloud computing is going to transform how people use computer in a significant way. As the Internet technology becoming more and more integrated with each industry, the common challenges and patterns of the solutions start to emerge.

Although many web programming languages' tutorial does not seem to be long, it may only take no more than a few minutes to write a Hello world application. However, when real people start to use your application extensively, the scalability/security problem start to appear. These problems are very common across different applications. Windows Azure abstracted the solutions to these common problems and made them accessible to normal customers outside of those privilaged firms such as google, yahoo, amazon, facebook, who have developed their own solutions. 

Computer programming has gone through multiple revolutions, from assembly language, compiled language, object orient programming language, etc. During each stage of the evolution, the NEW programming languages solve a problem by providing abstraction. For example, compiled language provides high level abstraction for assembly language patterns, object oriented language provides an object level abstraction. Each *novel computing paradigm has solved a category of problems by providing a level of abstraction of previous generation of technology. Cloud computing is no different, it is going to solve those high availability, high scalability problems by providing abstraction via web interfaces. It is going to make the developing large scale, high traffic web sites significantly easier. That is the reason why cloud computing is significant.