A week on .... making progress

Hi all, the last week flew by. Thanks very much for the comments and emails I received during that time. Keep them coming - especially any great VB resources.

As mentioned previously, I don't switch role until July 1st and hence my VB posts will be a little light until then. But I am pleased to say I have made the switch in one aspect - how I used Visual Studio:

  • Visual Basic is now by default in Visual Studio 2008 (took me a little while to remember how to do that)
  • I have done all demos to ISVs and at events over the last 2 weeks using VB (much to the amusement of a bunch of Java/C# developers in Dublin on Tuesday - I think they liked it whenever I added a ; at the end of a line!)
  • I am enjoying it.

I still suck at VB development - but then again, I suck at C# development at the moment. So much has been added in .NET 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 which I have "white boarded" but not coded. But things are starting to improve :-).