An advert for Goto100...

Mandy in marketing asked me to "Create some text that we could use on a flyer to tell folks why they might want to visit that new blog of yours on Visual Basic".

My first thought was "Cripes - I haven't got any real content yet!" - but I'm glad to say that thought was soon replaced with a "Hmmm.... I wonder if I could do it in code?" :-)

This is the draft I sent. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it...

Select Case UKdeveloper
   Case devin.vb6, devin.vb2002, devin.vb2003, devin.vb2005, devin.vb2008
       ' Visit a ; free technical resource on Visual Basic
       ' for regular postings on the latest .NET technologies,
       ' interop and migration strategies and more
       success = Goto100("")
   Case devin.somethingelse
       ' Too bad
       success = False
End Select

P.S. I would be very interested to see alternatives to the above - as long as they compile and run :-)