Being Agile with Visual Studio 2010 training from Ivar Jacobson International March 18th

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A colleague just pointed me at something a little different. Ivar Jacobson International are delivering their first training using Visual Studio 2010 in Reading next month (March 18th and 19th, 2010). I found this particularly interesting because of some “history” I have with Ivar Jacobson. I hosted a dinner table with him at an evening event of a large Microsoft UK conference a few years back. It sticks in my mind as whilst Ivar was interesting to talk to, he was also pretty negative towards a lot of what Microsoft were doing at the time.

A few years on… and we have Visual Studio 2010 training from his company. I will chalk that up as a win :-)

Looks well worth checking out.

Course Outline

The Essentials of Visual Studio 2010
The Essentials of Modelling
The Essentials of Use Case Modelling
Detailing Use Cases
Setting the Stage for Iterative Development
How Use Cases Drive Development
Creating Test Cases
Designing Use Cases
Advanced Use Case Modelling