Building a "brand new application" - WPF, ADO.NET Data Services, LINQ to Entities with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

At the end of June I run workshops with 2 ISVs both looking to completely re-develop their applications. One is entirely VB6, the other a combination of VB6 with C++.

The beauty of "starting from scratch" with a one to two year development plan is you can take a hard look at the latest technologies from Microsoft - and there are a lot of them! As a result, both application architectures at a high level ended up looking pretty similar.

The following links should help those teams drill in further - and maybe you?

In both cases we went with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 as our base level technology (NB: SP1 is really a feature pack)

Presentation Tier

Middle Tier

Data Tier

  • Where we store all the data :-)
    • SQL Server 2008
      • Extended via SPs, Triggers and Types using TSQL or CLR integration as appropriate

Blogs (sample of the best):

P.S. Both teams will be using Visual Basic 2008 :-) I thought you would like that one...