Change of focus in 2010 to the Windows Azure Platform

Note: Cross posted from IUpdateable from Eric Nelson.


I have been dabbling with the Windows Azure Platform for most of 2009 (Check out my past posts) but at the end of December my boss Marc H gave me the go ahead to be “full time” on Azure in 2010. This was excellent news! I think Cloud Computing is an exciting, fascinating and often misunderstood area – which has the potential to significantly change how we develop and deploy systems in the next few years. And I am the lucky chap who gets to live and play in that space – at least until Marc realises I am having too much fun and gives me something like Windows 7 Application compatibility to worry about :-)

To “celebrate” this, my blog gets a new tag line

“Head in the Clouds, feet firmly in the .NET Framework”

I’m just working out exactly what I will and won’t do with my time but you can be certain that this blog will see a lot of posts on Cloud Computing and the foundational technologies such as ASP.NET MVC.

What I hope to do is:

  • Clarify when Cloud Computing is the right choice – and more importantly when it is not!
  • Help developers understand our strengths and weaknesses compared to other choices out there
  • Help developers understand how to bring together our various cloud technologies into new and existing solutions
  • Explore integrating Azure with Web 2.0 technologies such as OpenID.
  • Showcase/signpost some of the excellent early adoption projects which are happening in the UK
  • Looking at Cloud Computing from the perspective of the developer and the IT Pro.
  • and I may even have a stab or two at explaining our licensing (something I tend to avoid!)

Is there anything else you would like to see covered?

Thanks for reading.