Comparing CodeArchitects VB Migration Partner with our Free Upgrade Wizard

One of the companies I am currently working with is CodeArchitects and more specifically Francesco Balena. Francesco has deep knowledge on all things VB which he (thankfully) decided to transfer into the form of a VB6 migration tool – VB Migration Partner.

I have had lots of feedback over the years on our free Upgrade Wizard – much of it bad when dealing with large projects. I am told the wizard appears to be fine for smaller projects but is “overwhelmed” when it is asked to tackle large enterprise class applications with several hundred thousand LOC. For this reason companies with large investments in VB6 have turned to companies such as Artinsoft and more recently CodeArchitects.

However I have never seen a detailed comparison of what improvement you might expect. Which is where this great summary from Francesco comes in.

The top level message – the CodeArchitects tool run at least 4 times faster and had 5 times fewer compilation errors – and with the use of pragmas will be fully functional once the migration tool completes unlike the free wizard which will often raise errors at runtime. Very sweet.