FREE Visual Basic Upgrade Companion tool for VB6 to .NET

A couple of years back I was closely involved with helping developers take their investments in VB6 forward (e.g. I created this blog which still has great VB stuff in its archives).

Those with sharp eyes will have noticed that the (IMHO rather poor) Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard is no longer part of Visual Studio as of Visual Studio 2010. My recommendation has always been to look to the partners for great tools to help with the grunt work of moving the code – but all these tools cost money. Or rather – that was how it used to be.

I just learnt that Artinsoft are now offering a FREE version of their Visual Basic Upgrade Companion which works for up to 10,000 LOC. Well done them!

You can download via the MSDN site.

Jason Zander has also posted more details on this plus some other news for VB6 folks.