New Windows Azure Platform online community in the UK

Note: Cross posted from IUpdateable from Eric Nelson.


There is a really strong interest in Cloud Computing and Azure in the UK – but it doesn’t appear to be supported by an online community. Well, at least I couldn’t find an active community.

Hence I decided to go and create one. Or at least create the skeleton of one:


Right now you can:

  • Give a “Shout out” to what you are up to with Azure. I’m certain folks would like to know.
  • Watch UK produced videos on Azure including interviews with early adopters
  • Check out upcoming UK events featuring Azure
  • Join groups such as AppFabric and PhP
  • Publish Azure/Cloud events you know about (Moderated)
  • Blog directly to the community (Moderated)
  • Create your own sub groups e.g. regional cloud computing groups (Moderated)
  • Publish Azure/Cloud video you find on YouTube etc (Moderated)
  • And plenty more…

Don’t be put off by “Moderated” – that is simply to avoid spam. I’m hoping there will be plenty of contributions from the community – from folks just “kicking tyres” to those already active with the platform.

I also hope that in quick time I can share the admin of the site with one or two others outside of Microsoft  – it is certainly not my intention to make it a “Microsoft speaks” site.

I hope you find a reason to join up.

P.S. I since discovered Brazil has been doing “the same” for a long while. They have a very nice site and 256 members (very “binary”!). Lest see if we can beat Brazil in double quick time. No – I do not have a Microsoft objective to do that :-)