Proposed VB sessions for my new role - comments welcome

One of the roles of my new team is to offer a "menu" of .NET sessions to UK user groups. I was pondering about adding a couple of specific Visual Basic sessions to that "menu" and see if there was take up. I came up with the following. Any thoughts?

Visual Basic 6.0 and the .NET Framework – co-existence and migration

In this session we will explore options for moving forward existing investments in Visual Basic 6.0 code. One common approach is to migrate the code from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET or C# but there  is an  alternative – co-existence. Learn how  you can extend existing Visual Basic 6.0 applications by building new components in Visual Basic 2008 which can then be integrated with your existing code base using the Interop Forms Toolkit. The toolkit provides tools and components that simplify the process of building forms and controls with Visual Basic .NET that can be easily consumed from Visual Basic 6 whilst hiding away the COM interop.

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Tips and Tricks

In this session learn how to turn yourself into a Visual Basic 2008 guru with the new language and IDE features. Tips and tricks covered include how to maximize your IntelliSense experience, leverage Refactoring features and improve the performance of your query and XML code. We will explore integrated XML and show you how to express what you wish in fewer lines of code. We will also look at how Visual Basic can take advantage of some of the newest features of the .NET Framework 3.5 such as LINQ, the Entity Framework and ADO.NET Data Services.