Visual Basic 6 migration to .NET

Back in April I posted a brief summary of some resources which my ISVs were finding useful as they considered moving to .NET.  Since then I have been pointed by a colleague to VB Migration Partner which looks really interesting. Hopefully I can dig into VB Migration Partner in more detail in July after I switch roles.

Copied content from my April post:

  • Keep an eye on the Visual Basic team talking about migration and interop - including plenty of good posts on the Interop Forms Toolkit
  • Learn about the Interop Forms Toolkit v2.0 which makes it much easier to mix VB.NET forms into VB6 applications. Great stuff!
  • Study the results of a community effort to create a definitive 21 chapter migration guide available online at Artinsofts site or which can be downloaded from
  • Consider getting 3rd party assistance. Artinsoft have a lot of VB6 migration experience and can help you do the migration - either by licensing their VB Upgrade Companion or by taking advantage of their migration services. Artinsoft are doing some great work with some of my UK ISVs helping them move off VB6.
  • You should also checkout the support statement for Visual Basic 6 on Vista and Windows Server 2008 to understand the current situation
  • And finally - you need a book covering .NET development. The Visual Basic 2008 Programmer's Reference is a great one to go for - and a bargain at £11