Visual Basic remains incredibly popular - but don't just take my word for it

I see in my travels lots of developers using C# - but I also see plenty doing Visual Basic .NET, just not quite as many. I have been attempting to get a better feel for just how many folks are using which - and have been using highly scientific techniques such as getting folks to do show of hands at events and remembering to ask whenever I am talking to a developer. It appears to be around 1 Visual Basic .NET developer for every 2 C#. However I suspect there are probably more Visual Basic developers than that as I rarely get involved with Office Development (which VB is much better suited to) and I also mainly focus on early adopters, which tended to be C++ folks in the old days and therefore I suspect is a little more biased towards C# today.

Daniel also polled many of you on this very topic back in March which came back with the following:

47% C#, 24% VB.NET, 12% C++, 10% VB6 or earlier, 7% Other

Or more importantly, 47% C# and 34% VB :-) (statistics are always great fun!)

Hence I was interested to see a TIOBE survey of programming languages from May which showed Visual Basic ahead of C# and increasing (Note - this is all Visual Basic, not just the .NET version)

And always remember - there are lies, damned lies and statistics :-)