Doing Contracting Business in Maryland May Get More Expensive

Here is an excerpt from Nick Wakeman, Tech Editor of Washington on the proposed sales tax on computer services done in the State of Maryland.  If you are interested in actively fighting this issue, there is a grass roots effort via  


The Maryland information technology community is fighting hard against a new sales tax scheduled to go into effect July 1.

Although it is a state tax, any government contractor doing business with a federal agency in the state will feel its impact, said Julie Coons, chief executive officer of the Tech Council of Maryland. The council and the Maryland Chamber of Commerce have formed the Fight the Tech Tax coalition to push for a repeal of the tax. Other members include the IT Association of America and Computing Technology Industry Association.

The state legislature passed the sales tax in November; it requires companies to pay a 6 percent tax on the sale of computer services. For the full article, please click here.