Dynamics SL is a Great Option for Government Contractors

I hear from many government contractors that they feel like there should be more options in the ERP marketplace for government contractors.  Here's a case study which shows how Phoenix International is using Microsoft Dynamics to meet their DCAA compliance needs and make confident decisions based on accurate and accessible financial information.

Larry Mocniak, CFO selected Microsoft Dynamics® SL because of its superior ability to analyze data and flexibility to resolve problems within the existing outsourced model. “Having used Oracle at previous companies, I knew it would be cumbersome and require full-time maintenance,” explains Mocniak. “With Deltek, you can’t create customized queries because the software only enables information to be pulled in predefined formats. Plus, the cost of implementation is too high.” 

There are now over 15,000 Dynamics SL customers and growing.  Read the case study to understand why.