Grant Thornton - M & A Roundtable Recap - May 29th

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I was fortunate enough to attend the M&A Roundtable sponsored by Grant Thornton LLP.  It was a very well attended session with high level industry executives attending.

While there was a lot of good information shared, one interesting trend I learned about was the increased interest in foreign companies looking to acquire US based Defense firms.  As you can probably guess this makes a lot of sense, given the devaluation of the US Dollar .  This economic factor is making this acquisitions more easily attainable.  For companies located within NATO based companies this is a great way to drive collaboration across the defense industry and this teaming is welcomed by our US Government.

This slide taken from Richard Knop, Sr Managing Director of BB&T's International Investment practice remarks shows that overall the M&A market remains strong for the government contracting technology firms and cites New Entrants as one of several factors driving growth in acquisitions.

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