Key DCAA Reporting Requirements included in Dynamics SL

RSM McGladrey and Unanet hosted a breakout session entitled "Project and Financial Management Solutions for Government Contractors" at the Microsoft Government Contractor Summit. This was a very popular session which drew much enthusiasm from attendees.  It's hard to replicate the government contractor specific demo showcased but if you want to get a feel for what Dynamics SL looks see this Project Management and Accounting Demo.  There is a full page of Short Demos if you want to explore more. 

The highlight of this session were the robust reports that RSM McGladrey developed for government contractors. This report pack includes Job Summary Reports, Statement of Indirect Costs, DCAA Schedules, and Indirect Cost Analysis reporting to name a few. See Presentation for reporting samples. These are super critical to government contractors. 


With approximately 15,000 customers on Dynamics SL, more and more customers are selecting Microsoft Dynamics over Deltek. It's an exciting time for choice in the marketplace. Dynamics SL is helping many government contractors meet their DCAA compliancy needs and equally importantly provides a financial management foundation that can scale to high growth. If you are interested in more information, contact Tom Burtner at RSM McGladrey at or see the RSM McGladrey Web Site.