SBE Council Government Contractors Survey - Participate and Receive Whitepaper Findings

Small businesses serving the U.S. Federal Government as support services contractors can benefit from the results of a new doctoral research study being conducted by Mr. Robert S. Frey, MBA, of the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). SBE Council encourages our government contractor members to participate in the survey as they results will be helpful to our advocacy, research and education efforts.

Click here to participate in the survey.

A very useful and clearly presented "white paper" will be provided to SBE Council following completion of Mr. Frey's dissertation research later in 2009. You will have access to this set of aggregate findings through the SBE Council website. Entrepreneurs can leverage this white paper to identify the areas of organizational infrastructure that tend to be associated with the highest levels of return on investment (ROI) of resources within small businesses that provide support services to the Federal Government. The overall goal of Mr. Frey's research is to assist small business entrepreneurs gain insights to be more successful in the federal market space in terms of annual revenue and staffing level.

Other organizations supporting Mr. Frey's study include the Professional Services Council (PSC), MIT's Entrepreneurship Center, Southern Illinois University Entrepreneurship Center, and the Kansas Women's Business Center. All data will remain confidential in strict accordance with the ethical standards established by the University of Maryland's Institutional Review Board (IRB). When you complete the survey, all information is encrypted through Verisign.