Movin' On Up: Migrating from Legacy Microsoft Developer Tools to the Current Platform

So, you've seen some or all of the latest-and-greatest Microsoft development tools, and you're amazed by the virtual cornucopia of whiz-bang features and functionality at your disposal...that is, if you were actually using the latest tools, because you're not.  You're stuck on an older edition, perhaps something that has remained in the environment because it's considered to be tried-and-true, or because budgetary restraints prevented you from evolving with the rest of the market.  And now, here you are, ready to get current, but you're concerned that the crevasse you need to cross in order modernize is just too wide of a gap.  Well, fear not: your shop is not the first to face this problem, nor will it be the last.  Tools and guidance are available, and you've come to the right place to find them.  Here you will find the resources to create the bridge needed to cross the gap.

This page is dedicated to migration topics specific to moving from legacy Microsoft development tools to the latest Microsoft platform.  As new tools are released and guidance/tools/instructions become available, summary info and links will published here for those resources as well.