GovHack 2013 – A national approach for inspiring government

Microsoft is excited to be sponsoring the GovHack 2013.

GovHack 2013 has gone from big to bigger with a national event this year. From May 31 to June 2 2013, 8 locations in Australia will come together with over 400 participants and 150 teams to play with government data and create unique solutions and services. Solutions which then have a chance to become reality.
Pia Waugh, GovHack organiser explains, 'Last years competition saw government partner with developers and data enthusiasts to discover what technologies could improve how government makes it data available and services better, but this year we have set up the competition to enable government agencies to invest in promising projects beyond the competition'.
This is a big shift for the competition which the GovHack team is hoping pays off with some tangible outcomes for both the developer community and government. In addition this year NICTA, one of the major competition sponsors, will run a showcase in Canberra for competition winners to talk about their ideas and entries with start up managers and industry heads.
The competition also sees several State and Territory Governments putting up local prizes for entrepreneurs and competition goals, which ups the ante beyond the national competition.
GovHack 2012 provided government with the opportunity to sample what hacker culture had to offer. The 2012 event saw 150 hackers work with a couple dozen data sets to produce 42 solutions aimed at improving access to government data.
The GovHack team sees 2013 as an opportunity to raise the bar again. Eight locations spread across major cities and regional centres will support over 400 anticipated hackers. This will be the largest event of its kind run in Australia including having government representation from the all areas of federal government through to local councils. All spending time with civic minded hackers to ensure their data is used and used the most.
'Those government agencies who got the most out of last years event were those who were on the ground and promoting their data at ground zero. This year we have run government briefing sessions to give them the inside scoop on how to build interest in their data', Pia said.
The competition is expecting a big list of Federal and State/Territory Government agencies, but is also attracting a lot of attention from some of premier brands of the ICT sector. This includes support from Platinum sponsors NICTA, the eGovernment Technology Cluster, Microsoft and PWC. GovHack is also supported by Gold sponsors Palantir, Google, Relational IO, Link Digital, and Amazon Web Services. There are also a number of strong local event sponsors and supporters around the country including the South Australian Government, Gold Coast City Council, Landgate, the Tasmanian Government, the ACT Government, Intersect and Newcast.
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